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The Barbour Steve McQueen collection is a range from the Barbour paying homage to the late ‘king of cool’ Steve McQueen. This range features some of the most innovative and unprecedented products on the fashion market today and are undoubtedly at the height of style.

Fussy Nation aims to provide attire for the fashion conscious that are high quality, extremely stylish and comfortable and our Barbour Steve McQueen collection is no exception. With such a versatile range available you are bound to find something to suit your own unique personality and style. All of the items within our Barbour Steve McQueen selection have the characteristics that every man needs when it comes to clothing – maximum comfort, versatility and trendiness.

Steve McQueen was an extremely celebrated celebrity who was both an actor and a motorcycle star. His childhood was disappointing but McQueen managed to break-through tradition and excel within life right up until his death. Despite his ‘anti-hero’ persona, he was one of the most sought after actors that directors were eager to work with due to his high popularity.

At the beginning of his acting career he managed to pay his way by attending regular motorcycle competitions on the weekend. Almost every week he brought $100 home which is the equivalent to $805 in 2009. His ambition and ability to work within a variety of roles and in a range of occupations allowed him to become a superstar. Due to his early motorcycle career, the Barbour Steve McQueen collection features apparel which can be described as a more up-to-date and wearable type or motorcycle attire.

Steve McQueen was such a popular figure back in his day that he was named the highest-paid movie star in the world in 1974. Due to high demand he turned down major roles and even one of the most reputable film directors today, Steven Spielberg saying he did not want to role as he could not cry on cue. The Barbour Steve McQueen collection highlights some of the most fashionable items of apparel today and gives the wearer the persona of ‘king of cool’ McQueen.

If you find this Barbour Steve McQueen collection aesthetically pleasing then you may want to delve deeper into this range. View Barbour Steve McQueen jackets and Barbour Steve McQueen t-shirts online at competitive prices from Fussy Nation today.